Welcome to the Biomarkers for Rare Diseases Summit

Biomarker utilization is transforming drug development. With their identification and investigation enabling faster diagnoses, timelier therapeutic interventions and the design of safer and more effective drugs – their benefit to the biopharma industry is undeniable.

However, in rare disease, small patient population sizes challenge the investigation of biomarkers meaning it’s now a priority for industry to overcome these and see their development timelines expedited.

It’s timely then, that the inaugural Biomarkers for Rare Diseases Summit gathered senior leaders spanning discovery, translational and clinical expertise as the only summit dedicated to seeing the clinical utility of markers realized in the rare disease setting.

Built with a backbone of biopharmaceutical insights, join your rare disease drug development community gathered included the likes of Takeda, Novo Nordisk & Triplet Therapeutics, as we discussed the challenges associated with developing clinical biomarker strategies delivering accelerated bench to bedside development of novel treatments for rare disease.

As technology furthers our understanding of disease and excitement builds surrounding the use of biomarker-based surrogate endpoints to support regulatory filing, attendees joined to advance their understanding of the vast progress being made in neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, autoimmune, metabolic and more disease areas.

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